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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sewing School

I've been bitten by the craft bug. First it started off with Modge Podge, I just discovered the stuff and wanted to Modge Podge everything in the house, from there it was the acrylic paints.. I couldn't paint fast enough for my hearts content..from there sewing, I was sewing, painting and if I could have Modge Podge the fabric.. I'm fairly certain I would have done it.  Either way.. I'm stuck on sewing, specifically..quilting. I have always wanted to try and make a quilt and on a whim one day I just went for it, and now I can't stop.

My daughter must have been bitten by the same bug.. or she likes to say..kissed by the same bug.  No bug would dare to bite her she said as she is too sweet, so they must be kissing her.  

She asked me to show her how to make a quilt of her own, and well that got me really excited so I went and bought her a little mini sewing machine.. we won't go into that though. (horrible waste of money)  and a sewing book. I thought this would be a great after school activity we can do together...

I absolutely LOVE this book! It progressive so it starts off with the VERY basics like talking about different fabrics, supplies, and techniques. After that is covered they get into the actual sewing projects, which range from 1 star being the easiest and 3 stars for the more advanced sewer, however by the time they work through each project they should know all of the techniques and have applied each one as they go.

Above are the first two projects my daughter did on her own, she had a LITTLE guidance from me (I had to refrain from wanting to take the needle and do the stitches in a straight line, that was truly a test for me).
What I loved about the first two projects is that they are actually sewing items that they will need for their kits that they have to put together.
1.  Pink book.. is the needle book that houses all of their needles.. in this case only one needle for her.
2.  Apple pin cushion.
And then they get into the usual round of things you might start off with when first learning how to sew.. a pillow, a small drawn stuffed animal and so forth.
This was money well spent.. (unlike the sewing machine..: /)

I can't wait for her to get further into the book and have more projects done that  I can post about.


Ricochet said...

Hi Nikita!
I like your passion for finding new crafty things to try! I've been stuck on Mod Podge and sewing for quite some time now as well. If you're interested in meeting some other bloggers and trying something new, I host just-for-fun craft challenges every other month. November we are making scarves. Sewing is optional, but knit/crochet is not allowed. You can find all the details on the challenge homepage here: http://ricochetandaway.blogspot.com/2012/10/ring-your-neck-scarf-challenge-nov-2012.html
I hope you'll check it out!
Your newest follower,
Rikka J.
Ricochet and Away!

Nikita said...

Hi Rikka!

Thanks you for the comment! and I will most definitely check out the challenge, it does sound very exciting :).


Maureen Cracknell Handmade said...

My children have this book and with my help have made several things. I suggest the plush animal doll, my son loves his!! I also recommend using a high quality wool blend felt. :)

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