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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Primary Bee Blocks - December and January

I had a lot of fun making these blocks.  Picking out the fabric for wildchild was really fun, pink is my most liked color : ) 

Here I am practicing the log cabin for the January block. That one was really tricky it took me several tries before I got it down and I used up most of the green in my moms stash. 

I hope you all enjoy your blocks and I cant wait to make more.



Chiska said...

Great job on both blocks! That is such a pretty pink you picked. Mowg's block is awesome! He was so excited to get it and really likes it. Thank you! Thanks for your fun note too, it's hanging up with our Christmas cards. Happy New Year.

Michele said...

They look great! Nicely done.

Malia Aguirre said...

Your such an amazing mom very talented. Your blocks look so lovely and I hope to SEE MORE these are beautiful.

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