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Friday, July 10, 2015

Stepping Out

Stepping out of my comfort zone.. I love all white furniture for a childs room.  It looks bright, fresh and clean.  However, I was in a mood. A crafty kind of mood.  The one that can't not be assuaged by anything but making or creating something. ANYTHING. Since I had paint, this seemed to be the best way to go.

I tried the ombre thing with my hair..meeh didn't go so well, so I thought maybe on something that can easily be changed would be the next best thing to try it on.. so here are my ombre dressers.

This one is my daughters...

And, this one is my little mans.

I have to say, I thought I was going to hate it, but it adds a really nice pop in both rooms. So, for now, it will stay.


Chiska said...

They both look great!

Michele said...

I like, I like!

Anonymous said...

The dressers look great! I really like your daughter's dresser!

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