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Monday, July 11, 2011

Cake In A Cup

For our second week of our " girls night" we had a crasher attend the party - my son : ) He wanted in on the action and since it didn't involve nail polish, makeup, or beauty treatments, we figured it was safe enough to invite him without completely ruining him in all things girly.

Again my little monkey was much faster with her spoon than I was with the camera.. but basically since she is my little budding chef, makeup artist, fashion designer, singer, actress, I try to encourage her with whatever it is she likes doing..

so she made cake in a coffee cup and get this..this is the best part... in the microwave! My kind of cooking!!! : ) (may not be the best way to encourage your kid to cook, but still cool nonetheless)
It's extremely easy and kid friendly and she had a blast watching it poof up in the microwave.

Here's the thing though.. it's not to sweet or chocolately so if you like both of those (and who doesn't) add in the chocolate chips like the recipe suggests.. I didn't have any or otherwise they would have been in there as well. But the ice cream really complimented it.
Here is the recipe from the website we got it from -

I'm fairly certain we will be making this often so I will snag a picture eventually.

As for our activity we decided a movie night would be the thing..

So cake in a cup and Bolt was our night.

Things needed -

4 TBS Flour

4 TBS sugar

1 ½ TBS cocoa

3TBS milk

2TBS oil

3TBS chocolate chips (optional)

1 egg

Splash of vanilla essence

1 very large coffee mug (I use the large cappuccino mugs)

Add the dry ingredients to the mug - mix

Add the egg, pour in the oil and milk - mix

Add the chocolate chips and vanilla – mix

Place in the microwave for 3 minutes (1000watts)

The cake will rise over the top, but don’t be alarmed

Allow to cool and tip out onto a plate (this will serve 2 people)

It's called dangerous chocolate cake as it's so simple and quick, you're now only 5 minutes away from fresh delicious chocolate cake!

One really cool mug
Topping of your choice - we used ice cream
Movie again of your choice


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