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Monday, July 11, 2011

Chocolate and Clouds

I love Amazon, I especially love Amazon Prime. I was able to find some really inexpensive art projects for my daughter and I to do together - This being one of them. Melissa and Doug products have been littering my house since I've ahd my daughter and to see that they have these awesome wooden craft projects made me super excited. They are durable and definitely kid friendly (adult too). Something I will definitely be keeping to show her when she gets older.

Anyhow... after a long day and I got my son asleep, my little monkey and I set off to make chocolate and clouds ( chocolate pudding and whipped cream) and to do our art project.

I usually do this on a Saturday night since I know she doesn't have to get up early we can stay up late as we like.

Things need -

Jello Instant pudding mix
cool whip

I don't have a picture to show of our desert but needless to say she had a blast making it as much as she did eating it. And as for the project it self... I think she was so excited to play with the dolls she may have missed a few circles in coloring.. either way it was a very enjoyable couple of hours that just the two of us had together.


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