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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

And after making the first quilt which was for my son.. he's only a year so he didn't require a whole lot of quilt... I got inspired logged on to Etsy and ordered up some fabrics for my monkey not being sure that I would ever make another quilt, I ordered every fabric I thought at the moment was cute and went with it..so this quilt is busy busy busy... and let me say through the process I almost didn't want to make another one or even finish that one..it was a fight with the machine.  Either way, I finished it, and I have plans to make more.. I think I am actually addicted to this, more so than my modge podge..

It was amazing before I started making my sons quilt I couldn't find a single thing that was clear to help me.. after I was finished.. there seem to be a million sites out there. I followed Missouri Star Quilt Company tutorial on YouTube for this one.  Love them!!!

I did make a pillow for her too, but I didn't get a snapshot of it.


Sandra said...

LOVE your quilt, just looked below at your previous one too.

I am so addicted to it already, it's just way too much fun, isn't it?

Little Island Quilting said...

Very pretty quilt

Lily said...

What a sweet blog idea for you and your little girl! Thanks for following me - I'm foliowing back!

Michelle said...

It's adorable!

Nicole said...

Kudos to you for giving quilting a try! It is quite addictive. Nobody warned you?!? I'm sure your little one will love this quilt. Anything made by mommy becomes a treasure for them. Congrats!
BTW, the title of your blog reminds me of one of my favorite children's books: Monkey and me by Emily Gravett. Love it!

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