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Monday, December 10, 2012

Well let me tell you.. this quilting bug.. had turned into a virus of some sort.. I can't stop. I actually dreamed about fabrics one night, I even thought I was get a tension headache from being soo excited about getting a bundle of fabrics in the mail..I just couldn't wait to get my hand on them. So when it finally did arrive I snatched up that jelly roll and without even thinking twice found a quick tutorial that I could use and literally started on it within ten minutes of it being in my possession.. shame I know.. oh well, while I don't hate how it turned out.. I think next time I will at least wait and look for something I really like. It's jsut the top part of it, I'm still working on finishing the Craftsy BOM series so the jelly roll top got set aside for a while.

So quilt top - # 3



Vickie said...

LOL funny story, sounds like you really do have the quilting bug.

Anonymous said...

I think your quilt looks cute! The quilting bug hasn't bitten me yet. I'm too busy with other crafts, for now... lol

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